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SQUIRMY WORMIES An Awesome San Juan Worm Material (Straight)

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SQUIRMY WORMIES Awesome San Juan Worm Material

SQUIRMY WORMIES San Juan Worm Material - Add a 'Chewy' Dimension to your San Juan Worms

These are Straight, not Wavy
10 Pieces per pack. Each piece is approximately 5 inches (12cm) long. And about 3/32" (2mm) thick.

NOTE: Only ONE color glows in the dark.

Similar texture to Plastic Worms, but these are VERY SOFT & 'SQUISHY', and VERY STRETCHY.  
They stretch about 5 to 6 times their original length!
And they are a wiggly as wet spaghetti. Very limp.  

They are designed for fly tying, and can handle thread wraps.  

Try them as tails, legs or bodies.



Colors: Black, Neon Glo (Glow in the Dark), Clear, Inchworm Green, Purple Chartreuse, San Juan Red, Blue, Fl Orange, Hot Pink, Earthworm Tan, Bloodworm Red