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SILICONE FLUTTER LEGS by Hareline Dubbin - Vibrant Rubber Legs

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SILICONE FLUTTER LEGS - by Hareline Dubbin

Hareline SILICONE FLUTTER LEGS - Rubber Legs

A Great product from Hareline Dubbin

Each pack comes with 5 silicone 'skirts' of about 20 legs each (a total of about 100 legs!)
Similar to Crazy Legs. Approximately 5½ inches long and about 1mm thick (like crazy legs)
Very Strong and Stretchy but Limp and 'Fluttery'

Sharp, Vibrant Colors that fish can't miss.

Excellent for Warm water & Saltwater Flies

Colors marked * are fluorescent


Colors: Black, FL Green Chartreuse, FL Pink, FL Orange, FL Yellow Chartreuse, Hot Yellow, White