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Medium UV ESTAZ Chenille

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Medium UV ESTAZ Chenille

Medium UV ESTAZ Chenille - For Fly Tying

Add some Pizazz to your Bugger Flies and Streamers!
Estaz is great stuff that is easy to use.
Approximately 2.2 yards (2m) per pack

"That UV Estaz really work's on Great Lakes Salmonid. Really glad you had it in your store!"
"Great in western NY tributaries... for Kings & Steelhead...sometimes the u.v. drive's them into a frenzy"
- Jack (One of our customers in Pennsylvania)

The fastest way to tie a Bugger. Get a streamer hook, add a cone head and marabou tail.
Then wrap it up in Estaz. Be sure to pull the flashy fibers out of the way before making each wrap.
(You can also add Hackle if you like)

That's it! Now you have a great fly for Trout, Crappie, Bass and Walleye.

You can use it anywhere you would use ordinary Chenille, Cactus Chenille or Ice Chenille.


Colors: (ALL UV) Black, Rootbeer, Olive, Chartreuse, Hot Pink, Pearl