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McFlyfoam - A Favorite Material for Glo Bugs & Eggs

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McFlyfoam - A Popular Yarn Substitute for Glo Bugs & Eggs

Bright Fruity Colors Trout & Steelhead can't resist

Try the Purple for Mulberry Flies and the Black for Sturgeon Roe (Caviar)

McFlyfoam is praised by many as the best material there is for Glo Bug Egg Patterns and Sucker Spawn.

  • Color-Fast
  • Easy to Tie
  • Easy to Cut
  • Saves Scissors
  • Saves $$$
  • FUN!


 Colors: Orange, Pink, Purple, Oregon McCheese (FL), Black, Baby Blue, FL Cerise, Steelhead Orange, Flo Green Chartreuse, FL Peach, Flo Glo Flame