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Hareline 'ZONKER' Cut Rabbit Strips

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Hareline 'ZONKER' Cut Rabbit Strips

Hareline 'ZONKER' Cut Rabbit Strips

Rabbit Strips will make Your flies Wiggle & "Breathe"
Good for big Pike Flies down to tiny Nymphs.
4 strips per pack. Approximately 10 inches (25cm) long each.

Hareline Dubbin's Premium Grade A Standard cut  Rabbit hide. (1/8" wide)
The best quality available!

Use them as tails on Dahlberg Divers, or for the famous 'Zonker' Streamer.

And if you tie lots of Gold-Ribbed Hare's Ears, Stonefly Nymphs or similar 'buggy' flies,
you can clip off a small amount of fur for the tails or a nice rough dubbing.

They 'breathe' and move with the slightest currents in the water.
And they wiggle when you strip them in.

Many fishermen consider these to be like 'Plastic Worms' for fly fishing.

If you've never tried them, get some today


Colors: White, Chartreuse Green, FL Pink, Crawfish (Crayfish) Orange, Olive Variant, Brown, Grizzly Natural Hare, Black