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Hareline Dubbin ULTRA CHENILLE - Standard Size

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Hareline Dubbin ULTRA CHENILLE - Standard Size

Hareline Dubbin ULTRA CHENILLE - Standard Size - A Favorite for San Juan Worms

Ultra Chenille is the traditional material for the famous San Juan Worm.
5 yards (4.6 meters) per pack
Size: STANDARD (about 2mm thick)

Tie up some San Juan Worms in a variety of colors to imitate Aquatic Worms, Flooded Earthworms & Leaches.

Great for Trout, but also Bluegill and Crappie. Carp fishermen use them too.
You can also use Ultra Chenille for Tiny Jigs & Buggers. Or try it for legs.

The Worm Brown color makes a great mouse tail on bass flies.

After cutting, you can put a small amount of glue on the ends or get a tapered look by melting them with a flame.
Ultra Chenille is durable, but has a nice soft 'squishy' texture when wet.


Colors: Black, Red, White, Wine, Worm Brown