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Hareline Dubbin THIN FLY FOAM 2mm - A Favorite for Terrestrials

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Hareline Dubbin THIN FLY FOAM 2mm

Hareline Dubbin THIN FLY FOAM 2mm - Great For Tying Terrestrials or Bass & Panfish Flies

Want to tie some flies that are easy, fun and productive?

Use this foam for your Terrestrials like Ants, Beetles, Crickets and Grasshoppers.
It's also a favorite for Chernobyl Ants, Gurglers and a variety of other foam favorites.

Even Flies made of only Foam and Rubber Legs are irresistible to Bass and Panfish.

APPROXIMATELY 3x4.5 inches (11.5cm x 8cm) per sheet
2 Sheets per pack.  for a total of about 25 square inches.
Enough to tie several dozen flies.

Get some in a variety of colors today!

Available colors: Black, Light Olive, Olive, Root Beer, Tan, Brown