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Hareline CROSS CUT Rabbit Strips

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Hareline CROSS CUT Rabbit Strips

Hareline CROSS CUT Rabbit Strips - For Fly Tying

4 Strips of CROSS CUT 1/8" Rabbit hide.

Do you want to tie an EASY PIKE FLY?

Here's the simple instructions for the well-known 'Bunny Fly':

    Get your favorite hook
    Tie on a piece of heavy mono for a weed guard
    Tie on a 'ZONKER' (STANDARD) CUT Rabbit Strip for the tail
    Then wrap the hook with a CROSS CUT Rabbit Strip for the body.
    Tie off the weed guard & whip finish

That's all! (Add some eyes if you like)

REMEMBER: CROSS CUT Rabbit Strips will NOT work for tails.
They are for wrapping around the hook shank.

These are made from Hareline Dubbin's Premium Grade A Rabbit hides.
The best available! (You can tell by how fluffy they are)

They 'breathe' and move with the slightest currents in the water.

Easy to work with.


Available colors: Black, Chartreuse Green, Purple, Grizzly Natural Hare, Olive Variant, Crayfish 'Crawfish' Orange, White