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Hareline Black Bead Chain Eyes

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Hareline Black Bead Chain Eyes

Hareline Black Bead Chain Eyes - Fly Tying

Give your flies a pair of 'Beady Little Eyes'
This a great product that every fly tyer should be using.
Each chain is about 10 inches long

In larger sizes, it is useful for Shallow Clouser Minnows, Hellgrammites, Dragonfly Nymphs
In the small size, it is our absolute FAVORITE for eyes on Damselfly Nymphs.

Here's an general idea of hook sizes:

  • Small - 2.4mm - Hook Sizes #10, #12
  • Medium - 3.1mm - Hook Sizes #8, #10
  • Large - 3.9mm - Hook Sizes #4, #6

These are made of metal, so they can take more abuse than mono eyes.
If you tie them opposite the hook bend, your fly with ride 'hook up', to reduce snags.
Since they're hollow, they're perfect for shallow water, where a slow sink is better.
Just clip them into little 'dumbbell' pairs and they're ready to use.