How much does shipping cost?

  • Shipping is a flat $3.00 for any size order! (Does not apply to items that must ship separately, which usually have Free Shipping. This will be noted on item pages that are not eligible)

Do we ship internationally?

  • Not at this time, but perhaps in the future. For now, we only ship to the U.S. and some U.S. Territories

How do I pay with my Credit or Debit Card?

  1. When you get to 'Step 4' in the checkout process, choose the 'PayPal' payment method (NOT 'PayPal Credit').
  2. Click 'Continue With PayPal'
  3. In the pop-up window, choose 'Pay with Debit or Credit Card' (It's a gray button near the bottom.)

Is my credit/debit card information secure?

  • YES! All Credit/Debit card payments are processed by PayPal and is protected by their legendary security.
  • PayPal does NOT reveal credit card numbers to us. That means we cannot store them, and hackers can't steal it from us.
  • See PayPal's security info HERE

How do I 'Compare' items in the store?

  1. Hover over the products you want to compare
  2. Click the little check box next to the word 'Compare'.
  3. At the very top of the page, the word 'Compare' will appear with the number of items selected. Click on it and voila!

What is our "Badge-and-Gun" Privacy policy?

  • When you create an account, your information will NOT be shared with ANYONE, unless they have a badge, a gun and a court order :-) Even then, we won't be happy about it.
  • That means we will use your address and email info only to contact you about your current or past order(s).
  • But, If you sign up for our newsletter your email address will be used to contact you about any sales we're running or other news. We use Mailchimp for that service. You can see their privacy policy HERE. (In their policy, as noted in paragraph 1, wherever you see the word 'subscriber', that means YOU. Wherever you see the word 'member', that refers to US, Parker Flies, not you.) If you sign up for for our news letter, you agree not to hold Parker Flies legally accountable for any changes Mailchimp may make to their policy and/or how those changes may affect you.
  • You can always remove your info from our Mailchimp newsletter list by clicking the unsubscribe link in the newsletters or by contacting us.