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Dyed UV POLAR CHENILLE by Hareline Dubbin

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Dyed UV POLAR CHENILLE by Hareline Dubbin

Hareline UV POLAR CHENILLE - A Nice Hackle Substitute For Woolly Buggers and more

Hareline Dubbin's Dyed UV Polar Chenille Fly Tying Material - 3 yards per package

Long translucent fibers that undulate like marabou in the water. Can be used for
Saltwater, Trout, Steelhead, Salmon and Warmwater patterns.

Chenille with UV Fibers about 1 inch long. Nice long fibers on one side of the core.

This allows you to wrap the material around the hook like Hackle
(Be sure to pull the fibers back after each wrap, so they don't get caught in the following wraps)

It looks great on bugger flies or wrapped behind a foam popper body.
Good Stuff. 


Colors: (ALL UV) Black, Hot Orange, Hot Pink, Olive, Olive Brown, Purple, Red, Rusty Copper, Pearl, Chartreuse