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About Us


 Bill About to Release a Nebraska "Master Angler" Largemouth Bass

Our goal here is to get new people into the fun of Fly Tying, without feeling like they have to buy expensive equipment. And to provide fly tying materials, hooks and tools to those who've caught the fly tying 'bug'. is owned and operated by Bill Parker. He's one of those obsessive types who loves learning, and gets consumed by his hobbies (sometimes it drives his wife crazy). He tries to go fly fishing whenever he can find the time. He enjoys sharing this hobby with others, and gives away lots of flies to curious on-lookers.

You may find him fishing at Holmes Lake in Lincoln Nebraska, at any time throughout the year, as long as there's a patch of unfrozen water. Though he has been spotted ice fishing to pass the cold months.

He has introduced quite a few of his friends, family and coworkers to the fun of fly fishing, and is always willing to share something about it with anyone he meets at the lake. The enthusiasm of his friends is what encouraged him to begin selling his flies on eBay (under the pseudonym 'Lepomac'). This is where Parker Flies began.

His flies sold so well on eBay that he decided to open an online 'fly shop' to allow non-eBayers access to his creations. His business is more about fly tying materials and fly fishing tools now, and less about flies, but he stuck with the name Parker Flies.

He lives in Lincoln, Nebraska but was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and he visits his family there every year.

He speaks Spanish and French, and has been playing classical piano for over 30 years. He especially enjoys helping others learn about the Bible and attends a Spanish speaking congregation in north Lincoln

If you see him out fishing, stop and say hello. Look for the guy with the silly looking fly patch on top of his hat :-)